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Valet Trash Collection

WellKept was created to provide property managers with an efficient and reliable way to collect waste at residents’ doors, provide an added amenity to apartment complexes, and give residents the relaxing lifestyle they want.

Five Nights a Week Doorstep Trash Service

Offering door-to-door trash and recycling collection five nights a week, WellKept is designed to handle the largest of portfolios as well as individually owned multifamily properties.

WellKept’s doorstep trash collection is quick and easy to implement. Within a few weeks of signing up with us, we’ll distribute our own closed-lid, 13-gallon containers, or another container you designate, to all of your residents. We will also deliver a welcome letter to your residents before we begin service with instructions about the service including when to leave out containers and when to bring them back in. Then, our trash valets will start collecting, keeping your complex clean and your residents happy!

To give you peace of mind and assure you efficient service, a valet trash site coordinator will come to your property and walk the entire complex at least once a week. This coordinator will leave notes on residents’ doors if they haven’t properly complied with the schedule for putting out and bringing in their containers. The WellKept site coordinator will then send you a list of apartments that received notices with a notation of the infraction found at each. We will keep this list for our records, as well, and can provide it to you again at any time.

Why WellKept?

WellKept’s valet waste service is simple, cost-efficient and a great amenity for your residents. Let’s get started!

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