San Antonio Valet Trash

Valet Trash San Antonio

In running your San Antonio apartment complex, you probably search for new ways to offer your residents services to make their lives easier. Now that our services are offered in San Antonio, you can benefit from the adding the number one ranked apartment amenity to your community, valet trash.

What Does Valet Trash Mean for Your Apartment Complex?

Our  valet trash service means ease and convenience for your residents. Whether your apartment complex houses mostly students, senior citizens or families, your residents will appreciate this amenity. Valet trash services also help by freeing up your maintenance staff to perform other essential property responsibilities.

With our door to door trash collection service, we place a 13-gallon container on each resident’s doorstep. Residents place trash there as they need to since we make collection stops three to five times each week. With curbside trash service, our trash valets stop at a central trash collection spot that you designate. Once we pick up those items, we also stop at pet areas and communal trash collection points before taking everything to your apartment complex’s dumpster or trash compactor.

We are happy to help with your apartment recycling efforts and provide each of your residents with blue-tinted bags in which they can place their recyclables for collection. Our trash valets will take all recycling bags to your on-site recycling center.

Why WellKept?

We’re excited to be in San Antonio and even more excited about the possibility of servicing your community.

We work with you to customize times for apartment trash service collection that work best for you and your residents. On the three to five days per week that our trash valets make collection stops, you and your residents can expect them in the mornings between 9 to 11am and in the evenings from 8 to 11pm.

We require our trash valets to wear uniforms for easy identification and to submit to background checks and drug tests to make sure you and your residents feel safe and secure.

For quality assurance, we send out a site coordinator to walk through your property each week to make sure our trash valets and your residents comply with the rules to keep things running smoothly and efficiently for everyone. Most of all, we value communication and make weekly calls to your accounts manager and welcome calls from your staff to discuss your account and satisfaction level.

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