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Valet Trash Dallas

As the leading amenity in the apartment industry, you might consider investing in valet trash services to boost your Dallas apartment residents’ satisfaction while keeping your property looking clean and attractive to prospective new residents.

What is Valet Trash Service?

With WellKept, we offer personalized apartment trash service plans for you and your residents. With our door to door trash service, we place a 13-gallon container on each resident’s doorstep. We will then begin to make trash collection stops three to five times a week, depending on your community’s needs. We also offer curbside trash service where you choose a central location near each building for residents to take their trash, and our trash valets will make their collection stops there before taking everything, including trash from pet areas and other communal spots to your trash compactor or dumpster.

We help you and your residents with your apartment recycling efforts by providing each resident with blue-tinted recycling bags, which they can place in their trash containers. Our trash valets will take recycling items to your on-site recycling center.

Why WellKept?

Whether we are providing service to your senior living facilities, student housing units or family apartments, our goal is to make their lives easier and streamline your business. Once you hire us to serve your Dallas/Fort Worth community, you give your maintenance staff the freedom to take care of other important property responsibilities.

Our insured, uniformed, background-checked and drug tested trash valets will arrive at your residents’ doors three to five times each week. With morning, curbside collection hours that range from 9 to 11 am and evening valet trash collection hours from 8 to 11pm , several days each week, your residents won’t feel the stress of missing a specific trash collection day.

We also maintain the dumpster and compactor area to make sure it is always clean, with no loose debris to scatter around your property.

With our valet trash services, you can count on one of our site coordinators to visit your property each week to walk through and make sure our trash valets and your residents follow the rules to keep services running smoothly for everyone.

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