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Resident Benefits of Valet Trash

At Empire, we strive to make your housing complex living experience a greener and more enjoyable one. Our services are unprecedented and provide you and your entire community with the highest levels of service and respect from the moment we enter the grounds.

Our primary goal is to make sure that you and your neighbors live in a clean environment. All of our staff members are trained, dedicated professionals with clean background checks. Not even Mother Nature will keep us from picking up your trash — we work in the rain, sleet, snow and extreme heat.

We take great pride in making your life easier. All you have to do is place your trash container outside your door. After we have removed the contents, you bring the container back inside. It’s that easy! We provide pickup services five to seven days a week.

With our pickup service, you will never again find yourself hauling your garbage to the dumpster or compactor only to find it full or overflowing. Nor will you have to drag your trash downstairs or worry about the bag ripping and having to clean up a mess. Your community will be clean. So if you are expecting company, you won’t have to worry about neighbors who just toss trash outside their door until they get around to bringing it to the dumpster or compactor three days later. In addition, you’ll no longer have to hope the wind changes direction, taking the awful smell with it.

Our services not only benefit you and your neighbors, but the community owners and managers as well. Our services provide a cleaner and greener lifestyle, with pickups scheduled five or seven nights a week. Our recycling program offers you an easy way to be environmentally responsible and live a cleaner life while helping the environment.

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