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Valet Trash and Recycling

WellKept is a national leader in doorstep trash and recycling collection for the multifamily housing industry. By building partnerships with our clients, we identify unique ways to help them manage their properties more efficiently. Our vast knowledge helps us bring value not only to owners and management, but also to residents, providing them with a more hassle-free living arrangement.

More Than Just An Apartment Trash Service!

WellKepts’s all-encompassing valet trash services provide much more than just door-to-door trash collection. In addition to the countless benefits WellKept provides with its regular service, here are some additional complimentary services we offer to housing complexes:

Pet waste station service

We provide all of our apartment complexes with biodegradable pet waste pickup bags at stations that are regularly checked, stocked and refilled. We also empty pet waste bins and check for and identify areas of high pet waste. This decreases the costs of filling and servicing these stations and increases operational efficiency.

Waste management recommendations

We find that many complexes have their dumpsters emptied too regularly. By monitoring these stations, WellKept can make operational suggestions to reduce costs to your complex.

Complex-wide flyer distribution

WellKept is always willing to lend a hand to distribute monthly flyers or calendars to your residents’ doors if you wish. Why have maintenance workers climb all those stairs when your valet trash provider is already doing it? We will do it for you!

Weekly resident compliance checks

Once or twice a week, we randomly walk your entire complex and pass every door to check for trash cans that have not been brought in or have been set out too early, as well as loose trash in common areas. WellKept will leave notices for residents, ask for compliance, and inform complex management before leaving.

Documentation of all notices and reports

Paper trails are always useful. We maintain documentation of every notice, issue or complaint on every unit in your complex.

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