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Empire Valet Trash is now WellKept!

WellKept makes lives easier by taking out the trash. WellKept services all of your valet trash needs!

WellKept was built to make apartment communities cleaner, reduce complaints received by property management, add a valuable amenity to properties, and make residents’ lives easier.

Entrepreneur Mike Newhouse founded Empire Valet Trash after having to hike with or drive his apartment trash to the nearest dumpster at his former residence. After discovering he had severe allergies to bees and wasps, which often frequent trash collection sites in the Texas heat, the idea struck. Wouldn’t it be convenient if someone would pick up his trash and take it to the collection bin for him? If someone had an apartment trash service?

Apartment Trash Service

It’s often said that time is money, and that a clean house makes a happy home. WellKept offers living proof of these age-old sayings by serving residents and property owners all across Texas, Louisiana, Arkansas, and Oklahoma.

Based in Dallas, Texas, WellKept picks up trash at apartments, student housing centers, and senior living facilities so that residents don’t have to.

We make life easier by eliminating one hassle that no one enjoys.

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